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£7.50 GBP per Invite (extended offer)

Xrpflix Invites

What Do You Get?

One invite (one time use) to Xrpflix - Flixify sister site

How Long Does It Take ?

Generally no more than 10 minutes, however times can vary depending on time zone

Note: Be patient as we do require sleep but you will get your invite through!

Why Aren't Flixify Invites Available ?

Main reason is they've stopped doing them except for premium members


You pay through PayPal - Secure

If you want to pay by Bitcoin/Litecoin then contact us by email

You specify the desired email address you want your invite sent to

Note: If you don't specify an email address the invite will be sent to your PayPal email address

Also please remember to check junk/spam folders


Please Note: After invite is purchased. Premium membership is still required to be paid for. This is an invite only.

Please do NOT start a dispute without contacting us via email first and also give us time to respond.

Please also bare in mind that once invite links are generated they have to be used so no refunds as we would be at a loss.

Note: We do NOT have any control over accounts or account recovery! This is an invite ONLY service.

Here is a screenshot of the email you receive (purchaser email redacted for privacy) after purchase:

Invite Email

Any other questions please contact us at