0 Flixify Accounts Left!

2 Screemo (formley Cineplex) Accounts left!

Following notices, disclaimer and terms are up to date as of 18/03/2019.

Flixify invites are now gone! This is NOT an invite service - Again make sure you're aware of this fact.

Please Note: There is no premium on any of the accounts - this must be purchased after.

Disclaimer: Please be FULLY aware that I am NOT responsible for the content on any of the sites. You are paying for an account only - simple as so please don't try to dispute with "Item Not As Described" if you suddenly aren't happy with what is available on whichever site it is the account is on.

Further Disclaimer: If any of the sites suddenly decide to start open registration again - this is something else you must accept may be the case and cannot be used in a "Item Not As Described" dispute - another thing you MUST accept. I WILL point to these disclaimers if a dispute is made.

Please MAKE SURE you ACCEPT all the above terms when making the purchase.

Pretty simple just as the same with the invites, you pop your email address in when purchasing and once payment has been received the account email is changed to your specified email address and then sent to you with the password.

Each account costs £16 GBP or Currency equivalent. Once they are gone, they are gone! Be quick!

Any issues please email: xrpflix.invites@gmail.com - Do this before opening a dispute!